Economic Ventures

Economic Ventures Inc., a New York City-based nonprofit organization, provides a foundation in the principles of economics and encourages entrepreneurship through developing and delivering experiential education programs to innovators, visionaries, and early stage entrepreneurs.

The purpose of conducting entrepreneurship programs is to assist in the development of basic business skills and understanding of fundamental concepts of economics as they relate to starting a company, creating jobs.

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Lucas S. (Participant: Maine, 2008)

When I first signed up for EntrePrep, I was pressured to do so from a family friend, I also knew that my good friend was going so I thought it could be fun. I saw it as a great opportunity to learn about becoming a businessman which is what i hoped to pursue in the … Continue reading

Nicalia T. (Participant: Delaware, 2008; Mentor: Delaware, 2010)

At the base of it all, I learned that a passion can turn into a business. That is now my philosophy for the foundation of any business I will start in the future. From participating in EntrePrep, I saw how my creativity and passion for design, became a marketing business, which turned into a valuable … Continue reading

Bryan S. (Participant: Maine, 2007; Mentor: Maine, 2008)

EntrePrep was a one week camp relating to business which was an equivalent of a 40 hour course on entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, advertising, and all other aspects of running a business. This camp could be best described as a “crash course” in entrepreneurship, which went through all the necessary aspects of running a business. It … Continue reading

Molly M. (Participant: Maine, 2007; Mentor: Maine, 2008)

EntrePrep was one of the best experiences I took in high school. One week was long enough to dive into the educational aspect of the program but also gain long lasting friendships. You’ll leave Entreprep with a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, and also a drive to make your own ideas come alive. It’s a great … Continue reading